The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

The title and the first line came with the blog. The title appropriate and the thanks sincere to any and all who find me here.

The journey I’m beginning is marketing myself as an author and teacher. Both identities I find hard to embrace. Because I’m not trained or educated as either.

Writing came as a call from God. Almost immediately the journaling began. Everything needed to be written down: Scriptures, prayers, thoughts, revelations, questions, comments, and wonderings.

Then about 15 years (and more than 100 spiral notebooks) into my walk with Him came the call to morph the writing into something more. Bible studies. Devotionals. Reflections. Until one day I published a book. A Christmas devotional, years in the making, and a reflection of my relationship with Him. Because… really… all this writing, for me, is about connecting with God: Father, Son, Spirit. It is just part of who I am in Him.

The writing, the learning, the experiential knowledge, the sharing with those I know and love has been a stretching of my spirit. And now I hear Him calling me to do more. As books and studies are coming into reality, more ready to be published, He nudges me to come out from under the bushel basket and shine. But… Oh… how reluctant I am to bring my ordinary self out and shine.

Marketing! It’s a four-letter word to me. So part of my heart here is to take steps of faith. Share my story and encourage others to shine for Him. Because what I’ve learned? It’s not about me.

All the words, the revelations and insights, are all about Him and sharing His glory with others.

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