And the Winner is…

Pay to all what is owed to them… respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.

Romans 13:7

In the category of Devotional – Moments with God, the winner is: Lessons of a Dragonfly by Mary Ethel Eckard!

No. I didn’t win an award. (I confess, inwardly my spirit gave a sigh of relief at not having to give the speech folded in my pocket.) Still a big smile washed over my face, because I had reviewed the competition through Amazon and thought she would be the winner.

But the evening for me meant far more than I imagined.

The heart of Joy and Company behind the Christian Literary Awards is to honor and celebrate authors who write to glorify God and the building up of His Kingdom. To be nominated for the Henri, authors submit books for them to review. They in turn invite authors to be interviewed on their online radio show. And through the awards ceremony they honor those whose writing and message they deem excellent.

At one point in the evening a representative of Joy and Company addressed all the nominees with great appreciation and encouragement:

To be nominated for the Christian Literary Awards it is an honor. … Your books speak volumes. I mean, you have globally impacted readers by igniting a passion within them for God. You inspire and you motivate. …

We were blessed beyond measure as we read your books this year. … We want to say, Thank you. … Whether you are a recipient for the Henri or not, you exemplify excellence, and once again we celebrate you. …

Rosemary Legrand, Joy and Co., Director of Operations

For me personally, I was honored to be a nominee and God used the evening to silence the enemy’s accusations, opening my heart to more fully embrace the gifts He’s given me to use for His glory.

The labor pains approaching this event birthed something new in me. A new confidence in the call I’ve been given.

So grateful for the opportunity, the ministry of Joy and Company, and humbled by the honor.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

Where have you experienced the birth of something new in your life?

Be sure and give Him the glory.

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