My Medium Journey

The creation of devotionals.

Photo by Lubomyr Myronyuk on Unsplash

Little by little… for more than a decade… I’ve followed the call to write.

From the beginning, journaling thoughts and prayers an integral part of my walk with God. 

Paper and pen a constant medium of connection for some twenty-six years.

My Medium Journey

Studying God’s story filled me with questions and a desire for more. You see, I came to the party late. At thirty-three with a husband, three small children (five years old and under), and no church upbringing of my own, I desperately needed to know this God who captured my heart and turned my life upside down.

Seeking Him and introducing my children to Him led to an in-depth study of the Christmas story. Dissecting it into twenty-five pieces, I shared it with my children in December, year after year, in preparation of celebrating Jesus’s birthday.

The Advent box with the twenty-five pieces of Scripture telling about Jesus’s birth.

With all this study, the call to write came unexpectedly. 

Inspired, I took an idea for a t-shirt to the Youth Director at church. She read my notes featuring my Top 10 List of faith actions and said: This is not a t-shirt, it’s a Bible study.

Much to my amazement and wonder, she offered to walk with me in fleshing out this idea of writing for God. Even more amazing, I simply said: Yes.

The Bible study beginnings launched me into an exploration of writing as a profession — a profession of faith. Is He calling me: author? That’s when I discovered writers conferences.

Writers conferences led to blogging. Because the experts said it’s the place to start building a following.

“When Your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight…” Jeremiah 15:16

In 2011, Jeremiah’s Menu became yet another voice among all the masses on the worldwide web. 

The process of posting grew into a spiritual discipline of listening to God and writing what I saw and heard of Him in my day to day ordinary life. For more than seven years I wrote and published almost six days a week. A feat I take no credit for. Only by His grace and Spirit did such diligence persist.

The Creation of Devotionals

From my personal pursuit of God and desire for others to know Him (especially my children) a devotional emerged. Self-published in 2013 as an e-book. then republished as a paperback in 2017: The Heart of Bethlehem.

An unexpected turn in my journey as His medium.

Next came the inspiration to gather the earliest blog posts from Jeremiah’s Menu, the ones delving into Psalm 119, and self-publish a second devotional.

The Heart of His Word became a reality December 2019.

And then there were two…

One facet of who I am in my journey as His medium — His vessel — is an author of devotionals. Sharing what I’ve learned with others through the medium of writing and publishing.

The truth is I never intended to write a book. But He captured my heart, I surrendered my will, and He called something that wasn’t as though it was.

But now, O Lord, you are our Father; 
we are the clay, and you are our potter; 
we are all the work of your hand.
Isaiah 64:8 ESV

With the discovery of, a request from a friend (my one fan) comes to mind and seems to be fueled by the Spirit. Hopefully.

I see the opportunity to select and edit, gleaning from over 2000 posts on Jeremiah’s Menu, and perhaps… just perhaps… create a year long 365-day devotional. A year of eating God’s Word and loving it!

Soon, you’ll begin finding stories of devotion to the One who makes all things new. And the creation of yet another devotional.

Photo by SwapnIl Dwivedi on Unsplash

It’s part of who I am as His light shines out of my darkness.

Who are you as His medium in the world?

Looking forward to what He will provide and multiply.

Hope you are too.

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