The Heart of the Christian Faith: Truth 86

107 truths about God, the world, and you.

86: Saving faith in Jesus leaves no part of your life untouched.

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.
John 3:36 ESV

Faith in Jesus saves us from God’s righteous anger. But what is saving faith?

The faith of salvation trusts all things are the way He says they are. We’re sinners. He’s not. He died for us, so we could return to a right relationship with God: Father, Son, and Spirit. Saving faith lives trusting all He says is true and responds accordingly, in thought, word, and deed.

Nothing is the same.

But whoever did want him, who believed he was who he claimed and would do what he said, He made to be their true selves, their child-of-God selves.
John 1:12 The Message

The faith that justifies leaves no area of a Believer’s life untouched – everything changes.

Consider your faith in Jesus today. What impact does He have on your life? Can you say: “Nothing is the same.”?

No matter your answer, ask God for the gift of faith or the blessing of more.

[Feature Image Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash]

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