The Heart of the Christian Faith: Truth 102

107 truths about God, the world, and you.

102: Your prayers influence the world’s prevailing powers.

Photo by Nils Nedel on Unsplash

“Your kingdom come…”
Matthew 6:10 ESV

Jesus teaches His disciples to pray for God’s Kingdom to enter the world. The Greek translated as kingdom doesn’t refer to a physical place with borders, but the ruling authority over such a domain.[1]

In Eden, Adam fell for the lies of Satan and relinquished our dominion over creation. God, in His faithfulness, temporarily honors our choice. Yet graciously, He made a way of escape out of the deadly deal. Faith in Jesus reorients the balance of power in the life of a Believer.

Prayer is one way His people influence the authority ruling in the world. The more who believe, the more who pray in Jesus’s name, the closer His Kingdom comes.

Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.
Acts 8:4 NIV

Have you ever considered your prayers for His Kingdom to come influence the balance of power in the world?

What does this truth tell you about God? the world? you?

Ask God to teach you to pray for His Kingdom authority to increase in the world.

[1] James Strong, Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon (Woodside Bible Fellowship, 1995).

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